Train with us!

If you are interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we offer you the opportunity to apply for a trial training session with us. It is important to note that not every applicant will be admitted for a trial training session. We carefully select who can get to know our dojo without obligation, ensuring that we maintain the best possible learning environment for all our students.

With our trial training, you will gain insight into the world of BJJ and experience the benefits of training with us. We welcome beginners and advanced learners alike, and during the trial training, our trainers will be at your side to show you basic techniques and explain what this martial art is all about.

To apply for a trial training session, you can simply contact us via our website or through Whatsapp. We are happy to assist you and answer all your questions about our training and the application process. For the trial training, you do not need any special equipment. Loose sportswear and a clean pair of flip-flops are sufficient. Please note that zippers, pockets, or other objects are not allowed on the mat. To ensure that the trial training session runs smoothly, please carefully read the following 9 points:


Thank you for your interest in training with us! Indeed you have a few questions about the trial class. Here are a few details in advance:

  1. Take off your shoes and enter the BJJ DOJO
  2. Arrive at the dojo at least 15 minutes before the start of training. Sign in at the reception desk, show your ID, and introduce yourself to the trainer.
  3. If you have any injuries or health restrictions, inform your trainer.
  4. Training starts with a joint salute, those who do not appear on the mat in time for the salute cannot participate in the trial training.
  5. Always wear clean clothes and pay attention to personal hygiene. Please bring flip-flops/slippers to walk from the changing room to the mat. On the mat, you must walk barefoot, and always with flip-flops outside the mat!
  6. Please remove any jewelry (piercings, necklaces, earrings, rings, wristwatch or other jewelry)
  7. You can use a GI once that is not a BJJ GI for the trial training, otherwise, there are GI’s for rent on site (washing fee 10€). But please bring: tight high-necked polyester T-shirt/rashguard (with long or short sleeves).
  8. A written registration is necessary for a free trial training. Anyone who appears unregistered will be treated as a drop-in.
  9. Have fun during training and let yourself be inspired by the atmosphere in the dojo!

VERY IMPORTANT: BJJ is a contact sport, come showered, cut your fingernails and nails, and with clean feet!

In case you can’t come: To keep your free trial valid, remember to cancel in n good time (6 hours before the appointment).

House Rules

  • Please leave your shoes at the door and enter with indoor sandals.
  • No wearing shoes or walking barefoot off the mat & inside.
  • Change only in the locker rooms.
  • Wear a t-shirt or rash guard at all times. (mindful of children & families).
  • Leave your bags inside the locker rooms or under the benches.
  • Lagere deine Trainingstasche in der Umkleide oder unter den Sitzbänken.