Thank you for your interest to train with us! Surely you have a few questions about the trial class. Here are a few details in advance:

1. Bring an identity card and be at the Dojo at least 15 minutes before the start of the training.

2. Report to the counter, show your identity card and introduce yourself to the respective coach.

3. The training begins with the common greeting, if you are not able to make it on time to the welcome greeting, then you can not participate in the trial class.

4. Remember to have something to drink with you.

5. Please remove any jewelry (piercings, necklaces, earrings, rings, wristwatch or other jewelry).

6. Please bring flip-flops with you to walk from the locker room to the mat. On the mat, you have to walk barefoot, out of the mat, always with shoes!

7. Regarding the membership fees: we only talk about it after the trial class.

8. You are allowed to wear a non-BJJ GI for a trial, otherwise, have GIs on-site for free rental. Remember that for visiting the GI classes in the future, you need a BJJ GI. Please bring Tight high-necked polyester T-shirt / Rashguard (with long or short sleeves).

9. At the moment, we do not offer trial classes for the morning classes. If you are interested in a day ticket or a 10-card, please leave us a message.

- VERY IMPORTANT: BJJ is a contact sport, come showered, cut your fingernails and nails and with clean feet!

- For more important answers, please answer the questions below. After the questions, you will get further important information.



GI – what is a GI?

BJJ GI, also called Kimono, is our uniform during BJJ training. The kimonos for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are tighter and body-cut than karate or judo gis. The BJJ Gi is made very stable and therefore heavier so that it can withstand the permanent load during training.


- Leggings / Fight Shorts – No Zipper and no pockets.
- Tight high-neck polyester t-shirt / rashguard (with long or short sleeves).
- Please remove any jewelry (piercings, necklaces, earrings, rings, watch or other jewelry).
- Please bring flip-flops to walk from the locker room to the mat.


I'm not sure if I understand the difference between GI and NoGI and I do not know yet which course to sign up for a trial

Gi offers more grip and NoGI is more dynamic otherwise both courses are very similar.


I would like to participate in the trial class in GI but I do not have a BJJ GI

We have GI's on site for free rental. But please bring: Tight high-necked polyester t-shirt (no Zipper and no pockets) / rashguard (with long or short sleeves).


I would like to participate in the trial training in the GI but I own a GI that is not a BJJ GI.

You may once use the GI, which is not a BJJ GI, during the trial training.


I'm visiting Berlin.

You are welcome to buy a day ticket / 10-card weekly / monthly ticket from us. Leave us a message.


Your Skill Level

I have no experience with BJJ

Feel free to participate in our basic courses, please let us know which date suits you best (BLUE).

I have trained regularly for at least 6 months

Then you can come to the Basic and Fundamentals courses, please let us know back which date suits you best. (BLUE OR BLACK).

I already have experience with BJJ - At least 4 stripes on my white belt

You can attend any evening class or weekend sparring, please let us know back which date suits you best.

I would like to register my child for a trial class.

Please let us know which day fits you best

I would like to receive information about private or group class(es).

Send a request to [email protected]
I would like to know how much the membership fees cost.

We'll talk about the membership fees after your trial class.
- We have no cooperation with companies like - Urban Sport Club or similar.
- Our membership fees are already limited to a minimum, which is why we offer no discount

I am interested in cooperation/partnership.
At the moment we are not interested in cooperation in the textile sector (uniform, patch, training accessories, etc.).
We are open for other cooperations also cross-industry!

I am looking for a job/internship.
At the moment our team has neither a vacancy nor an internship. If something changes this will be announced on the homepage and in Instagram. Thank you for your interest.
ATTENTION: If you have at least one purple belt and are interested in studying to become a BJJ coach, please contact us via email.

Other Inquiries
Write us a message

Contact us

You can use the contact form or send us directly an email to [email protected]

We are also available on Whatsapp: +4917661403866

BJJ Dojo Berlin - CheckMat

Our Dojo is located in the Sportschule Koryo - Ideal Passage
(Weichselstr 8c. / Fuldastr. 55-56 12043)

BUS: M 29, 194 (Sonnenalle/Pannierstraße)

M41 (Sonnenalle/Pannierstraße - Entrance Weichselstr.) or (Fuldastraße - Entrance Fuldastr.)

METRO:  U7 (Rathaus Neukölln), U8 Hermannplatz


We are looking forward to meeting you!