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Holistic Self-Improvement

Our core classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, movement, meditation, and yoga are great for improving the whole self for:

Physical fitness and weight loss

Self-defense and strength

Self-improvement and confidence

Mental focus and self-awareness

Individual growth within a supportive community

Technical education that’s fun

Our Dojo

Balance is needed for all aspects of life between the extremes, especially here in Berlin. BJJ Dojo Berlin uses this philosophy to provide you with a modern space in Berlin Kreuzberg that embodies traditional values to encourage the individual within a supportive community.

Compared to crowded gyms and BJJ schools packed with people, BJJ Dojo Berlin ensures you get enough attention with small classes. Our teachers are able to observe everybody’s progress and provide almost 1 on 1 support. Your progress and your safety, as well as your kid’s, are our top priority!

About us

Our Classes

We offer BJJ classes to adults and kids of all levels. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned grappler, our aim is to provide a modern academy setting to allow for self-development through tailored training and a community of like-minded training partners.

Since we all have different bodies and needs, beyond the basics, we aim to provide a personalised approach for students.

Our Classes