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In this course, a particular focus will be placed on the concepts of BJJ.

During the session, we take a look at the foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and become aware of the effectiveness of leverage, pressure and specific grips.

The learning already starts at the very beginning, where we incorporate essential elementary movements into the warm-up drills.

To join, you must be at least 14 years old and healthy.

  1. Basic warm-up drills Preliminary exercises
  2. Technique and variations/progression
  3. Specific and -point sparring from a specific position
Bjj dojo group training


In our Introductory course, we focus on the basics of sport and self-defense jiu-jitsu.

Our students learn movements and principles that will support them in the understanding of the techniques.

As in the fundamental class, we take a look at the basics of BJJ and become aware of the effectiveness of leverage, pressure and learn how to adapt to a different game.

The NoGI and the GI practices complement each other, as both classes focus on different styles, which can be combined in multiple ways.

We recommend this class for all beginners, also for those who are returning from a long break and want to review the Fundamentals.

To join, you must be at least 14 years old and healthy.

  1. Movement
  2. Basic drills
Kinder Bewegungsgruppe BJJ

BJJ Kids Playing

(4+ Years Old)

The BJJ kids Playing Group from 4 years is a new concept in our DOJO. We combine the advantages of getting started in contact sports with many playful elements. The aim is to support the children cognitively, physically, and emotionally by guiding them through appropriate exercise offers and, simultaneously, getting to know rules and proper behavior in the playing situation. We focus on improving their motor skills through specially developed movements inspired by Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, and other elements/disciplines. Children will playfully build body awareness and self-confidence and learn respect and self-control. By making new friends and sharing experiences, they will learn how to communicate effectively and develop good friendships with their fellow players.

BJJ Kids Learning

(6-10 Years Old)

Kids between 6-10 also benefit significantly from BJJ. They learn to stay calm under pressure, deal with physical confrontation and de-escalate conflicts. In addition, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to improve physical and mental fitness and learn empathy with others.

The BJJ Kids Learning Group is recommended for children between 6-10 who are already emotionally and psychologically able to concentrate and have the goal of learning BJJ as a contact sport. After an active warm-up, the children are already introduced to technique training. The short, basal, and precise techniques should then be repeated independently by the children among themselves or with the (auxiliary) trainers. In this controlled environment, they learn to remain calm under pressure, deal with physical confrontation, and defuse tensions and conflicts. The class usually ends with a free application phase, which allows the children to get to know their abilities and strength. Above all, however, they learn to deal with success and failure carefully with their partner. The way Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is being taught in the this group is a great way to improve physical and mental fitness and empathy towards others.

BJJ Teens Berlin

BJJ Kids & Teens Application

(8-13 Years Old)

The Kids & Teens Application Group is a group only for those who are seriously interested in learning this sport. Here, the ability to concentrate and discipline is required. The BJJ DOJO reserves the right to transfer children and young people who are not yet ready to participate successfully in this group to the “playing group” as well as the “learning group.” The training is age-appropriate but dispenses with playful elements in favor of the performance aspect.

A warm-up with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-related movements takes place, which is then followed by a technical part. Children/adolescents of similar stature repeat the techniques and can be corrected by the trainer. There is always the possibility to ask questions, which shows the trainer that the child/adolescent is actively participating. The training ends with a free sparring phase that allows the children and adolescents to apply their skills, try out what they have learned, or experiment in a safe environment.

This group helps the children and adolescents better understand themselves and their bodies and how they quickly end physical conflict situations and leave them unscathed. In addition, it prepares for transitioning to regular training and supports those interested in competitions.


Bjj dojo berlin yoga


The Movement course contains elements of yoga and some movements inspired by animal movements. Based on the idea of “Ginastica Natural” that strengthens and stretches the body and are suitable for yogis and martial artists, as well as for people who are looking for a new workout for themselves or want to experience a new body consciousness.

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